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Latest Covid-19

HealthMay 5, 2021
How do waiting times compare internationally?
The pandemic has caused unprecdented disruption to elective care across the globe, what steps are different countries taking to stem growing backlogs in care across the sector?
Public transportApril 22, 2021
The Future of UK Rail - a consumer focused network?
Public Policy Projects has opened its latest infrastructure inquiry ‘The Future of UK Rail’ in partnership with, CPMS Group and Hitachi Rail. Chaired by Former Transport Minister and PPP Deputy Chair Stephen Hammond MP, the launch was an ambitious discussion on how the UK can radically
NewsMarch 17, 2021
Eviction bans extended
Bailiff enforced evictions banned until 31st May while the commercial evictions ban has been extended for a further three months, to 30th June.

Primary Care Insight

Community healthMay 10, 2021
Population health management: the time is now
While the adoption of population health management is still in its infancy, and there is a need for more evidence and better exchange mechanisms to share it, can localities really afford not to try?
HealthMay 6, 2021
Seeing the gap: health inequalities in ophthalmology
Increased screen usage throughout the pandemic has not been kind to our eyes. More than one in three people in the UK have reported deteriorating eyesight over the past year due to more time spent indoors and extra screen time, according to an online poll conducted by YouGov for Fight for Sight.
Health ProfessionsMarch 8, 2021
New leadership programme for GP’s launched
London South Bank University (LSBU), Royal College of General Practitioners (RCGP) and Modality Partnership have launched the first ‘new to partnership’ GP leadership programme to provide primary care leaders with the knowledge and skills they need lead at executive level.  

From our Partners

Community healthMay 1, 2020
Setting a new precedent for remote patient care
Dr Chris Whittle is an NHS doctor turned Clinical Entrepreneur who wants to change the way people access healthcare in the face of the Covid-19 pandemic.

From World Healthcare Journal

HealthJune 3, 2021
The time has come for total healthcare infrastructure delivery
Professor Mike Kagioglou, Dean of Engineering at Western Sydney University in Australia, reflects upon why Covid-19 might enable the transition to major reforms of healthcare infrastructure.
HealthMay 20, 2021
Genomics data storage: what, who and how?
Several key questions must be addressed before genomic data can be harnessed to its revolutionary potential.

From Integrated Care Journal

HealthJune 10, 2021
Using genomics to challenge disparities in 21st century healthcare
Professor Julian Barwell, professor in genomic medicine, discusses some of the challenges in addressing cultural barriers to change within the NHS as well as inequity of access to research; both of which can hinder improvements in healthcare outcomes for certain patient groups.
Health ProfessionsJune 3, 2021
We must rejuvenate the health and care estate
Stephen Hammond MP, Deputy Chair of PPP’s Infrastructure Policy Board, announces the Health and Care Estates Series.
AcuteJune 2, 2021
Here's why the climate crisis is a health crisis
"Though the result of multiple forces, climate change is both a risk multiplier and a root cause of various health crises from eco-anxiety to respiratory conditions caused by air pollution and nutritional soil depletion, to an increased risk of infectious diseases," Eleanor Murray writes for ICJ

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