HealthMay 6, 2021
Seeing the gap: health inequalities in ophthalmology
Increased screen usage throughout the pandemic has not been kind to our eyes. More than one in three people in the UK have reported deteriorating eyesight over the past year due to more time spent indoors and extra screen time, according to an online poll conducted by YouGov for Fight for Sight.
Health PolicyApril 14, 2021
Making the most of global collaboration post pandemic
One of the most important ways the UK can assist in a global recovery from the Covid-19 pandemic is, firstly, to improve its domestic response by freeing up capacity and the supply of vaccines. Professor James Kingsland reflects on what the UK can do to support the world emerging from the pandemic.
Health PolicyJanuary 4, 2021
Primary care at scale
Primary care at scale (PCaS) entered the lexicon of healthcare in the NHS in England over 10 years ago. It should be regarded as a set of principles rather than an organisational form, albeit when these principles are applied, a larger provider organisation often results.
HealthMay 14, 2020
Coping with the Covid aftershock for women's health
Over the past few weeks and probably extending to some months ahead, there will be thousands of women who have ignored symptoms which might lead to a cancer diagnosis. It will be a tragedy if we take a huge step back through lack of screening and late presentation, writes Dr Karen Morton
Health PolicyMay 1, 2020
Leading the Hidden Heroes
Newly appointed NHS Property Services Chief Executive, Martin Steele, sets out his priorities for the organisation’s crucial work in fighting Covid-19.
Health PolicyMay 1, 2020
Healthcare reform - why it’s so difficult
Professor James Kingsland OBE outlines several key challenges that will need to be overcome in order to achieve truly effective systemic reforms to health and care delivery.

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