Health PolicyApril 14, 2021
Making the most of global collaboration post pandemic
One of the most important ways the UK can assist in a global recovery from the Covid-19 pandemic is, firstly, to improve its domestic response by freeing up capacity and the supply of vaccines. Professor James Kingsland reflects on what the UK can do to support the world emerging from the pandemic.
Health PolicyJanuary 4, 2021
Primary care at scale
Primary care at scale (PCaS) entered the lexicon of healthcare in the NHS in England over 10 years ago. It should be regarded as a set of principles rather than an organisational form, albeit when these principles are applied, a larger provider organisation often results.
Health PolicyDecember 1, 2020
No small feat: the challenges of managing Primary Care Networks
As Primary Care Networks take a greater role within the NHS, medical and business leaders must focus on practical considerations for organisational structure and development. This was the purpose of a recent webinar which brought together system leaders from across the sector.
Health PolicyMay 1, 2020
Healthcare reform - why it’s so difficult
Professor James Kingsland OBE outlines several key challenges that will need to be overcome in order to achieve truly effective systemic reforms to health and care delivery.
Health PolicyMay 1, 2020
New practical estate guide launched for primary care networks
The National Association of Primary Care (NAPC) has launched a new practical 'how to' guide to help primary care networks (PCNs) start work on developing their premises so they are able to provide integrated, community-based health and care well into the future. 

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